About Terra Equity Group

At Terra Equity, we focus on the big picture because we know that long-term relationships create more value for us and our investors. We are passionate about creating a legacy, the kind that resonates through the family and society, forging a future that is filled with potential for communities and those that live in them.

To achieve our objectives, we invest in multi-family and commercial real estate that deliver high returns for our clients and thriving communities for our tenants. We seek out and identify off-market real estate in emerging markets, increasing property values through creative strategies that are reliable and sustainable.

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We strivetowards a common goal of improving lives for everybody in our orbit – investors, tenants, and the community at large.

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Our approach is designed to build value sustainably, preserving capital and creatively increasing the value of real estate assets so all can prosper.

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We build legacy through excellence, driven by our core values and evidenced by the communities we help to develop.

Community Support

When communities thrive, we all benefit. Each is a microcosm of life, every resident and component as important as the next in assuring a stable and prosperous future. We strive to create strong foundations that communities can grow on, places that people want to live, shop and enjoy what life has to offer.

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Our Associations

Terra Equity Group is a proud member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. We offer unique investment opportunities for accredited real estate investors.

Our Values

Family, passion, and legacy are at the core of everything we do. In our lives, as in our work, we embody these values, taking the time to listen and genuinely understand our clients’ needs so we can offer the most appropriate solutions according to their objectives and investing style.

Our advice is comprehensive and holistic, and we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results that optimize the value of our clients’ property assets at home and abroad.


From our family to yours, we understand the value of strong relationships. Within the family dynamic, there is an intrinsic need to build and preserve a legacy. Real estate investment is the single most reliable way to do so, providing a diverse range of opportunities that help you grow stronger now and support the next generation.

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We are passionate about capital preservation and creatively increasing the value of real estate assets so that communities, tenants, and investors alike can prosper. We are passionate and self-driven individuals who thrive as a team, always putting our client’s interests first. Through innovation and outside-the-box thinking, we deliver exceptional financial solutions that our clients rely on.


Leaving a long-term legacy is a goal we strive to achieve every day. We accomplish this by advancing our core values and the sustainable communities we help build. Always looking forward, we invest in the future that we want to see, for ourselves, our clients, and the communities we serve.

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About Our Team

Terra Equity is a passionate, dynamic, and vibrant team of real estate syndication professionals who are 100 percent committed to supporting our clients with investment opportunities that fit. We are a results-driven firm, working tirelessly to help our clients achieve maximum value from their real estate portfolios.

We leverage long-term relationships with industry professionals, applying our diverse experience, and insight with the objective of achieving sustainable, long-term success, both for our clients and the communities they invest in.


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